Sasa Kutes – Estimator, Osborne Park WA

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“Walking into a place like Capital SMART and seeing what these guys do was absolutely amazing.”

Sasa started in the collision repair industry as an apprentice panel beater and joined S.M.A.R.T in Western Australia after eight years as an insurance assessor. After answering an advertisement for Estimators, he went through the interview process and knew he wanted to join S.M.A.R.T straight away. Sasa thought what they were doing was a great idea, as there was no time wasting and it was a quick, smart, quality process for both customers and estimators.

“How quick it is, how efficient it is, how the customers are not being left out, how they are being told from the start what is going to happen to the vehicle how it is going to be done and the time frame."

Sasa knows a lot about cars as he races vehicles and says he has never seen anything like the S.M.A.R.T operation. He says the people are absolutely great, it is very much of a team environment, everyone helps out everyone else.